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Our 2016 Theme: Lifting Up the King

Under questioning by Pilate, Jesus acknowledged what heaven already knew: “You say correctly that I am a king” (John 18:37).  Revelation 19:16 would later describe Jesus as “King of Kings.”  Our king was lifted up on a cross.  He was lifted up from the grave.  He was lifted up to the right hand of the Father.  Now He is lifted up in His church.  Join us in 2016 as we strive to follow Jesus Christ, “Lifting up the King!”

Latest Church Blog Posts

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Not Now, Just Not Right Now

Not Now, Just Not Right Now This blog article is shared by Becky Traywick…              The other day, while walking through the store, my children were asking for some gum. I had no problem with them getting it, but we needed to get a few other things before checking out where they could choose their…

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Who is Your “Bestie”?

This week’s church blog post is shared by Sue Wyatt… I’m not sure if “bestie” is the terminology of the youth right now, but I know it used to be and I know they will know what I mean by “bestie”. Bestie is the term for best friend. My bestie has a door that is…

Kim Dismuke


This week’s church blog post is shared by Kim Dismuke… Contentment 1 Timothy 6:6-8 Contentment and man are NOT synonymous . We live in a world that shows us this daily. Is your house Big enough? It was until you met the Jones’. What about your car, that used to be a means to get you…

Recent Sermons


PM – The Days of Samuel: Fear and Excuses

We are studying the Days of Samuel on our Sunday nights this fall! Tonight we see Saul in difficult situation, one that leads to a terrible decision. And his decision might show us something about our own struggles with fear and excuses…

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AM – The Grace Identity

Sometimes we see people who are transformed by their relationship with God. Paul was one of those people – what was the secret that made such a transformation? Might it have something to do with his view of grace?


PM – Saul’s Time to Lead

We are studying “The Days of Samuel” on our Sunday nights.  Tonight, we see a dangerous situation that requires Israel’s new king to act.  What would Saul do?  And how would everyone react?